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From 11.11.2016 to 23.12.2016 (on weekdays from Monday to Friday) from 5pm to 9:30pm* you can book up to 8 lanes.

Lanes can be booked in blocks for up to 30 minutes each for a price of € 70, incl. 20% VAT. A maximum of 10 people can play on one lane. 10 ice sticks are provided per lane and a Daube (so-called target).  

Supervision is included when a lane is booked. This person will explain the rules, counts the points and returns the sticks.

*Access is no longer possible after 9pm.



Attention: Lanes that have been booked can no longer be cancelled.

If the lanes need to be closed due to dangerous weather conditions (e.g. storm, continuous rain, etc.) the event organiser will send you an SMS at least 3 hours in advance to inform you of the closure and the invoiced amount will be transferred back to your account.

Please note that setting up any form of advertisement and the taking of food and drinks is strictly prohibited.



All your questions can be answered at the info area near the cash desks.

Booking the lanes in blocks for up to 30 minutes each: € 70, incl. 20% VAT. 



Through the acquisition of tickets or use of the skating rink (even with a “free card”), the buyer accepts these rules of procedure.

Geschäftsordnung [pdf]



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