Viennese Christmas Dream app

The Viennese Christmas Dream on the Rathausplatz offers an impressively authentic wonder-world and, in addition, the app contains a lot of virtual surprises.



A dream trip to Vienna! In cooperation with the Viennese Tourist Board a stay in Vienna for 4 people can be won exclusively on this app. Two nights in a four-star hotel, including travel, evening meal in a Viennese restaurant, snack in a Viennese coffee house and welcome packages for 4 persons will be raffled among all the users of the app.

Viennese Christmas recipes

Vienna is well known all over the world for its sweet treats for the taste buds. And especially during Advent the aroma of wonderful pastries can be smelt all over the city. The app reveals how the recipes can be made perfectly every time.


Catch the Gifts - Children play for children

Its Christmas and children’s eyes light up - the wishes and hopes are big. Because a lot of these should come true, there is today the possibility of making children’s dreams in the SOS-Vienna Children’s Village come true. With the augmented reality game "Catch the Gifts" virtual presents can, via your smartphone, be collected on the Christkindlmarkt, in the Christmas world in the Rathauspark and in Viennese shops. At the charity stall in the Rathauspark these are exchanged against real presents for the children from SOS-Children’s Village. Its easy to play. Simply download the Viennese Christmas Dream app and the hunt for the presents can begin.

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